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There are more and more Peruvians looking for prosperous cities to invest their savings and not just stay in the local market. Despite the pandemic, USA its economy has been recovering and eyes are on that country.

Until recently, many of the small and medium foreign investors could not access this large market, but today it is much more feasible, since there are opportunities with affordable prices and much higher medium and long-term returns than in the past.

One of the cities that has become a paradise to invest in real estate projects is Detroit, a city located in Michigan.

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Likewise, throughout the northern country there is a wide range of opportunities in hotel investments, safe and profitable franchises.

The real estate and hospitality markets are even more attractive than the average investment in the stock market, as they offer greater stability, predictability and at the same time a very good return in dollars. Cities like Detroit, in the United States, provide excellent results in the medium and long term “ said Alejandrina Figari, director of Latam in USA-Peru.

Along these lines, Figari commented that there are two types of people, those who decide to keep their money in the bank and the others, who continually seek new projects to invest it.

For that reason and thinking of people who seek to generate new income, the specialist recommended which are the most profitable sectors to invest abroad, especially in the United States.

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To invest in this sector does not require a large amount of money, since you can get properties in growing areas or those that are in decline, even asking for mortgage loans from some banks that work with non-resident foreigners.

Investments in real estate projects can also be made by adding to private funds that partially finance large projects. In the case of direct purchases of real estate, working hand in hand with specialized companies, they allow to generate an interesting monthly income by renting their properties while the properties are revalued.

To invest in hotels, you need a minimum of US $ 100,000. The investor begins to see profitability in a very short term, since the hotel projects in which it is recommended to invest are from recognized operators that handle world-renowned and renowned brands.

This investment model is now open to Latin Americans, including Peruvians with or without the intention of residency. It should be noted that this activity provides a stable cash flow.

When investors put their money in franchises in the United States, the advantages they have are that the businesses have proven results in many parts of the country or state in which the franchise operates, brand recognition and market knowledge, which greatly minimizes the investor’s risk when compared to a new venture.

On the other hand, you do not need previous experience to carry out the business because the idea has already been tested and it only remains to be accepted by the franchisor.

In addition, for those who invest more than US $ 150,000, they can more easily access an E-2 visa, which is an investor visa that allows you to reside in the United States for as long as your investment is maintained.

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Alejandrina Figari specified that to invest in the United States it is not necessary to reside in that country since you can carry out purchases of houses, apartments, franchises or other investments from Peru, through Latam in USA-Peru.


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