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Investor Kristoffer Stensrud is dead, 67 years old

Johan Kristoffer Cappelen Stensrud, was born in Trondheim in 1953. It is as financier Stensrud is best known.

Saturday morning, Stensrud, 67 years old, died.

– He will be greatly missed, as the knowledgeable and always different-thinking enthusiast he was. Many will remember the life wisdoms and considerations he shared, the family writes in a press release.

Together with Tor Dagfinn Veen and Åge K. Westbø, he founded the Skagen Funds in 1993 and became the funds’ first CEO.

The Skagen funds were a formidable success in the next decades with strong growth, thanks to strong return figures. Stensrud became the face of the fund, outspoken and a favorite interviewee for the press.

– Kristoffer was very untraditional

Investor Harald Espedal took over as CEO of Skagenfondene in 2002 after Kristoffer Stensrud. He remembers Stensrud as very knowledgeable, untraditional and inspiring.

– Kristoffer was a very untraditional financier. He was interested in seeing broad connections in society. He had a great societal interest and knowledge which he used as a financier. Kristoffer saw opportunities early on, such as the development of the mutual fund industry and later the development of the microbrewery trend. He was also untraditional as a person. He had a ponytail, walked without socks in his shoes and had lions outside the entrance to the portfolio department in the Skagen Funds. He believed in feng shui and was superstitious. At the same time, he had a great deal of vertical knowledge through an ability to drill down into details, such as notes in the accounts. Kristoffer was incredibly engaging, both as a person and to work with, says Espedal.

Aroused Norwegians’ fund interest

Stensrud swore to the three Us in his management philosophy. He looked for undervalued, under-analyzed and unpopular stocks.

– Kristoffer was a prominent and profiled person who greatly contributed to arousing Norwegians’ interest in saving in mutual funds. He had deep insight and knowledge not only about the purely financial subject, but also within a number of other subject areas. His pen was also sparklingly good. The success that he and Skagen achieved, also internationally, inspired the entire Norwegian fund industry, says CEO Bernt S. Zakariassen of the Norwegian Association of Securities Funds.

The Skagen funds were sold to Storebrand in 2017 after several years of weak returns in the funds.

Stensrud’s field of interest was not limited to finance and economic figures. He had a wide range of interests, from history to politics and philosophy, and also liked to take opposing positions in those areas.

Stensrud grew up in a hotel family in Trondheim. From an early age, he participated in hotel operations in Britain. He never forgot the joy of a good hotel.

In recent years, he and his wife Signe Anne Kleppa Stensrud have built up the boutique hotel Eilert Smith in Stavanger, which houses the star restaurant Re-naa, among other places.

In 2003, Stensrud was also very central in the construction of the Lervig brewery, which after large investments also became a great financial success for the Stensrud family.

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