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Invicta FC 30 Results & Video: Frey wins controversial decision over Grusander to win a vacant 105-pound title

For the first time in over two years, Invicta FC has a nuclear-powered champion. Invicta FC 30 joined in and Jinh Yu Frey won a controversial decision over Minna Grusander to win the promotion's free 105 pound belt. Commentators TJ DeSantis and Julie Kedzie were both convinced that Grusander had won the fight and said during the broadcast that they believed that Grusander had done enough. Nonetheless, Frey is Invicta's new atomic weight champion.

The fighters went from head to toe, Frey landed some sinister crosses and did so a few times while leaving the clinch. Grusander pushed Frey against the fence again and worked for the takedown. When she finally made it, she did not have much time to work. Grusander returned to their grueling schedule in the second round, but Frey was able to return to free space to land more of those base crosses. Grusander landed a foot on Frey's face, allowing her to clinch back against the cage, but she failed to get a takedown and a referee split brought the fight into the open field.

Frey busted an early takedown open the third round and work from the full guard Grusanders. Frey had to ward off Grusander's sticky guard, but managed to take his time, intercepting some heavy blows to guard her P & # 39; s and Q's. Grusander did not get up in this round. Grusander put her opponent against the fence at the beginning of the fourth act, and then the atomic weights began to change elbows. It was clear that Grusander landed the better bows and cut Frey's scalp. Frey whirled out into the open and destroyed a takedown, but Grusander jumped up immediately and took the fight back into the cage. Grusander answered the bell with a strong swelling around her right eye, but nevertheless marched forward and put her opponent under pressure. Frey kept beating the back foot, landing her left hand regularly and increasing her volume down the track.

In the co-main event, Felicia Spencer smothered Helena Kolesnyk in the second round to remain undefeated and move to 5-0. Kolesnyk blew his hands up early, thwarted the first takedown attempts and pretty much defeated Spencer a lot of pep stopped. Spencer started kicking, throwing a bunch of techniques that eventually led to a successful takedown and retraction. Some elbows fell for Spencer, followed by a series of punches, but Kolesnyk refused to face an RNC and made it from the first round. Spencer returned to their kicks in the second frame and used them again to open a takedown attempt. Although Kolesnyk defended the takedown, she bared in the scramble, and Spencer sought the RNC, which escaped her in the first round.

Heather Jo Clark returned to action following her run in the UFC, which ended in November 2016, and lifted a unanimous decision over Kinberly Novaes. Clark and Novaes went straight to work, Clark landed some hard shots before being controlled by Novaes against the cage. Clark was able to reverse the position and even use a dragging board by hacking at Novaes' legs with knees. Once in free space, Novaes used her punches to close the gap and pushed her back against the fence, but seemingly out of nowhere, Clark knocked a litter and planted Novaes on her back to finish the round above.

The Straw Weights A large part of the second round was swapped by strikers on their feet, with both athletes finishing their batting combinations with kicks. Novaes tried to fight Clark against Clark, but he quickly ate a knee before the fight returned to the open area, where Clark scored a takedown of just over 90 seconds in the round. Clark controlled Novaes from behind until the bell that had iced up her lap rang. Novaes bumped Clark in the last round against the cage, where she peppered Clark's legs with all sorts of knees and left some pretty bad bruises. Clark finally brought her back from the wall with a half round of combat, but a botched takedown left Novaes behind, keeping it until the time was up.

Also on the card, Stephanie Geltmacher had a strong show, wasted no time in knocking Kerri Kenneson down and then dropping bow after bow until the referee pulled her off. The first round TKO is the first professional of Geltmacher when the Hawaiian moved to 3-0. Earlier on the map, Alyse Anderson completed a flying triangle on Stephanie Alba on the second lap, then methodically made the right adjustments to bring Alba to sleep. Anderson now sits at 4-1 in her young MMA career.

Full Combat Card Results:

  • Jinh Yu Frey def. Minna Grusander by unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47 x2): Atomic weight
  • Felicia Spencer bes. Helena Kolesnyk by submission (RNC) at 1:47 of round 2: featherweight
  • Heather Clark def. Kinberly Novaes by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28×2): Strawweight
  • Brogan Sanchez bes. Miranda Maverick by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Flyweight
  • Stephanie Geltmacher def. Kerri Kenneson of TKO at 3:32 of lap 1: Bantamweight
  • Alesha Zappitella def. Jillian DeCoursey by unanimous decision (30-27×3): atomic weight
  • Alyse Anderson bes. Stephanie Alba by technical submission (triangle) at 3:12 of round 2: atomic weight
  • Erin Blanchfield def. Brittney Cloudy of Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29): Flyweight

Check out these highlights and end of the night:

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