Invisible supermoon. What it is, how it can be seen in Mexico today

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The night of this friday october 16, the Moon will be closer to the Earth than any other day of the year, phenomenon that is known as Supermoon; However, despite its closeness, the celestial body will ‘disappear’ from the night sky because it will be in the New Moon phase, which will give way to an incredible phenomenon of great beauty that you will not want to miss.

On this night you will see the Moon without its usual brightness because will be in a state of invisible supermoon, but why does it get this name and how can you appreciate it from your home? Here we tell you.

What is a Supermoon?

As defined in the specialized site, a supermoon is a phenomenon that takes place when a full Moon coincides with the perigee of the Moon; This means that the Moon will synchronize, precisely or approximately, with the point of the lunar orbit closest to the Earth.

For that reason, the Moon can be seen up to 14 percent larger than usual; however, despite its closeness to Earth, its glow will be much less intense than its usual glow.

We were able to witness the last supermoon of the year last May and it became known as the supermoon of flowers.

Why will the Moon be ‘invisible’ and at what time and how to see it?

Although it has been announced as one of the most attractive moons of October, the invisible Supermoon will not be visible from any region of the world; This is because the perigee will occur on October 16, coinciding with the fact that the Moon will be in its least bright phase, the New Moon, when our planet approaches 356,912 kilometers from Earth.

To witness this wonderful phenomenon, it will be enough to turn to look at the sky, to notice how the small visible part of the Moon will shine less than ever in the sky, practically ‘disappearing’.



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