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IOC warns Russian star: – War support has consequences

Several well-known Russian practitioners supported Russian President Vladimir Putin and the invasion of Ukraine. Among them is cross-country star Veronika Stepanova.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has now opened up the possibility of punishing those behind Putin and praising his actions.

– We carefully monitor who supports the war through statements or behavior, and whether it has or has had the necessary consequences.Bach said in a speech to the IOC Congress Friday.

He pointed out that the sport of swimming has taken hold of Yevgeny Rylov. The two-time Olympic champion was recently banned for nine months from participating in a Putin show. Bach also pointed out that Ivan Kuliak’s tournament earlier this week was ruled out for a year for going with the letter Z on the podium at a World Cup competition in Doha.

The latter was used as a symbol of support for the Russian invasion and war in Ukraine.

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