IOMA opened a medical center in La Plata and a new controversy may arise

The operation of the IOMA medical center may open a controversy with health professionals / el dia

The Institute of Medical Assistance Work (IOMA) opened yesterday the first polyconsultory of attention in medical clinic in La Plata, located in 38 and 6. “It is exclusive and free for the affiliates and affiliated to the social work”, they assure in the Institute. With this step, a path that can bring controversy begins, after a year full of conflicts with different health professional sectors.

Meanwhile, it was announced that in the polyconsultations inaugurated yesterday at 38 N ° 556, IOMA members will be able to make consultations for specific symptoms or acute pathologies, periodic health examination or clinical check-up for early diagnosis, timely treatment and follow-up of chronic diseases. It will work from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Vice Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, Nicolás Kreplak, and the president of IOMA, Homero Giles. As explained, “it has availability of medical personnel from different specialties; health agents and professionals trained in the detection of prevalent diseases ”.

The Buenos Aires Deputy Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, said that “this first IOMA polyconsultory begins to work with person-centered care, prevention and promotion. It does so by linking the private sector with the line of care that IOMA is carrying out ”.

The medical center, they reported, has state-of-the-art technological equipment for imaging services and provides care in different specialties such as clinic, pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics, traumatology, oncology, among others. In addition, the medical history of each patient will be prepared for medical follow-up and, if necessary, make a referral to other levels of care.

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“This initiative is key to efficiently integrate the digital resources in force at IOMA,” said Giles, “such as the electronic prescription, the digital credential, the Token and, above all, the Digital Medical Record (HCD). All this favors the implementation of institutional strategies to improve the quality of care for affiliates and affiliates with regard to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases at the first level of care.

For his part, Adrián Benaglia, manager of the Medical Care Center polyconsultation – IOMA, stressed that to access free care, members can contact each other via WhatsApp, by phone, through the web or in person. He stressed that “affiliates and affiliates should not pay bonuses or request authorizations. The attention is direct so that you can receive excellent attention as soon as possible ”.

The doctor Mabel Turkula, coordinator of the IOMA Health Access Equity Program by Policonsultorios, explained that “these care spaces for IOMA affiliates and affiliates were designed to reach health care more quickly and attend to the outpatient demand of patients ”clarified the doctor.

For Turkula this “includes the resolution of consultations for specific symptoms or acute pathologies; the periodic health examination or clinical check-up for early diagnosis, timely treatment and monitoring of chronic diseases with special emphasis on the tracking and monitoring of prevalent non-communicable diseases, ”explained the program coordinator.


Meanwhile, the signing of a direct agreement by the IOMA authorities with an ophthalmology clinic that opened last month on 8 and 41 already generated concern and a hard document from the members of the Society of Ophthalmologists from Platenses, according to members of that entity professional.

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In that private clinic, those affiliated with the social work “are treated without paying a copayment,” as promoted by the Institute on its official website.


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