iPhone 12 finally fixed: Exclusive update for Apple phones

It was to be expected that the customers hardly had any problems with Apple’s new iPhone 12. A new iOS update exclusively for this cell phone now addresses the problems, help is on the way.

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Update from November 20th: With iOS 14.2.1, Apple is releasing an exclusive update for iPhone 12 (mini) and iPhone 12 Pro (Max). For owners of an iPhone 12 mini, the update comes with the promised help for the no longer responsive lock screen of the Apple cell phone. In addition, two other errors are fixed that could also affect the other iPhone 12 models. Apple writes about this on the Package insert from iOS 14.2.1:

iOS 14.2.1 fixes the following issues for your iPhone:

  • Some MMS messages could not be received
  • Hearing aids with the Made for iPhone logo could experience audio quality issues when listening to audio on the iPhone
  • The lock screen may have stopped responding on the iPhone 12 mini

The reports keep increasing and increasing, apparently this is fighting iPhone 12 mini with a serious hardware or software problem. For example, users complain to the MacRumors-Forum and also the colleagues from iphone-ticker.de receive relevant and worrying reports leaked.

Hey Apple, your iPhone 12 mini has a touchscreen problem

As a result, the iPhone does not recognize all touchscreen inputs on the Lock screen or these are only registered with a long delay. For example, unlocking the cell phone with a swipe gesture is made more difficult. The curious thing is that the touchscreen bug only occurs on the lock screen and usually only when the iPhone is in a case, for example. There are no problems if the device is held “naked” in the hand or charged by cable.

The assumption: The iPhone 12 seems to have a “grounding problem” somehow. This is also clear in the video by Heiko Purmann on YouTube. Even the slightest touch of the housing makes the problem obsolete. The problem has of course already been given a name, Heiko marks his little film under the hashtag “Touchgate”.

look back

We remember: In the summer of 2010, “Antennagate“For” mood ” Apple. Users complained about reception problems with the iPhone 4, triggered by Apple’s special antenna construction. At first, Apple ignored the bug, even accusing users of holding their cell phones “wrong”. In the end, Apple still had to address the problem, called a press event for it and distributed free protective covers to remove the anger.

So small and already causing so much trouble:

At the moment it is not possible to estimate how big the “Touchgate” for the iPhone 12 mini will be and whether Apple might even correct the error via Software update for iOS 14 can eliminate. Only one thing is certain: it won’t go away on its own, Apple has to react sooner or later. GIGA stays tuned and will continue to report.

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