iPhone 12 is not equipped with a charger, Samsung quipped Apple

iPhone 12. (Apple)

Hitekno.com – Apple recently announced the series iPhone Latest 12, they confirmed that they did not include a power adapter for their newest device.

Not only that, Apple doesn’t even package the EarPods that are usually in the box for the latest devices.

However, Apple’s idea seemed to be the subject of allusion to its competitors, it didn’t take long for Samsung to say something about it.

Samsung posted a status on Facebook, where they mocked the lack of power adapters in the latest iPhones, namely iPhone 12.

iPhone 12. (Apple)

According to the Samsung upload it says “ Your #Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory, and even the 120Hz screen on a smartphone, ” he wrote in a Facebook post.

Samsung has previously quipped Apple in the past, because it doesn’t seem to have certain features, like Flash support in the past.

Apple itself gives reasons why the company no longer supports charger adapters and EarPods in the boxes for the latest iPhone sales.

According to Apple, the company claims that this idea was done to protect the environment.

Apple instead included the iPhone 12 with a USB-C to Lightning cable, although some people disagreed with Apple’s idea of ​​having to spend more money to buy these additional devices which were quite expensive.

The good news, because Apple sells the EarPods and the charger adapter separately, these two accessories are now sold at low prices.

MacRumors found that Apple had lowered the price of both accessories.

EarPods and 20W adapters, which usually sell for US $ 29, now sell for US $ 19 each, or around Rp. 279 thousand.

Apple is selling a 20W adapter that will provide fast charging speeds, so this price drop is nothing new.


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