IPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Repair Price at Apple

Situations in which it will be free

The vast majority of users always want all repairs to be free to save that money. In the case of the screen that comes out at zero cost, it is something quite strange. Apple only covers repairs within the warranty whenever a factory error has occurred. In the event that you have fallen to the ground or have received a blow from any other element, it will not be covered within the guarantee and you will have to pay for the screen.

Some of the situations that can lead to a free repair is the fact that the screen can be lifted because it is not properly positioned or because the pixels begin to die for no reason. In these cases Apple will be obliged to make the change at zero cost in any of its SATs.

Apple always opt for new screens

If your screen has a simple scratch or is totally cracked, Apple will replace it completely. Like many other companies, it is not chosen to repair the affected area of ​​the screen as it is much more tedious and also more expensive. That is why they always make a total replacement. This obviously makes the user have to pay for the entire component, which is not too economical as we will see below. That is why you have a simple abrasion as if you have a smashed screen, the price is exactly the same in both cases.

This also occurs when the touch function of the screen is failing. Apple never chooses to make a specific driver change that gives the ability to control the device interface. But the repair goes through the complete screen change to be inside the pack as well as the failures of the upper speaker.

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IPhone 12 Pro Max screen price

When you go to any authorized Apple technical service, the price they will charge you for changing the screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is 361,10 €. Obviously this is the most expensive screen of all the iPhone 12 models as it has a size of 6.7 ″. The repair is generally paid once the screen has been replaced and this should be added the shipping cost in the event that you have to send it by parcel. Shipping costs are around 12 euros. Keep in mind that once the screen has been changed, you will have a 2-month warranty only on that component.

Savings with Apple Care +

In the 60 after the purchase of the iPhone 12 Pro Max you can get the extended Apple Care + warranty. One of the advantages it offers is the possibility of repairing damage that is caused by an accident such as a broken screen at a much lower price. Specifically, within this extended warranty, the screen change will cost you only 29 euros.

Where to fix iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you have to repair your iPhone, you can do it in several places. Obviously the most recommended is in the Apple Store since it is where you can get it done in a few hours, as long as you go with a prior appointment that you will get through the app or the technical service website. In the event that you live in a city where there is no Apple store nearby, you can go to any store with an authorized technical service. These guarantee the use of original components and offer the same rates as Apple. Through the company’s telephone technical service they can inform you of the SATs that you have closest to you.

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On many occasions, the option of going to establishments that are not official arises as they have much lower prices. The general recommendation is to always do the repair at Apple to have all the guarantees of success. If an unauthorized person manipulates the device, you can forget about the warranty for later problems and you will also not have an original component. The latter can affect the experience of using the device and also may not work properly. On many occasions it is necessary to apply proprietary Apple software to be able to carry out the repair in order for the screen to function correctly as well as other system functions. That is why, although the official rate costs more money, it is recommended in order not to lose that guarantee.

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