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iPhone: a new dual SIM model, farewell to eSim

The American giant, Apple, will release for the first time a dual SIM model. This year, he announced three new models: the successor to the iPhone X, a model plus, and an entry-level version with concessions on the technical side .

Apple seems to be interested in the Chinese market and adds a new feature very popular in Asia.

A giant iPhone

Apple enters the war of who is the biggest. A large iPhone model is expected to emerge with a 6.5 inch OLED Super Retina panel with a resolution of 1.242 x 2.688 pixels. Whoever could be the future iPhone X Plus plans to compete with the smartphones of its largest competitor Samsung (Galaxy S9 + and Note 8), its latest born already having dual SIM functionality. This new model would have a design almost identical to the Iphone X and its size would be close to that of the iPhone 8 Plus according to the Bloomberg website.

Apple is also entering another market, the double Sim, with its model 6.1 inches. The apple has never marketed models that can accommodate two SIM cards. ” The dual SIM model would be priced between $ 650 and $ 750, while the model with a single SIM card would have a price of $ 550 to $ 650 According to the Macrumors website.

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Goodbye eSIM?

This choice could reflect Apple’s desire to settle in Asia, its competitors already being there with affordable smartphones. Still, this is an unexpected strategy from the firm to the apple, who could decide on this occasion to forget his eSim (release with the Apple Watch third generation ).

For the moment the information is not all verified and it is necessary to wait until Apple decides to confirm. Models may be featured at the WWCD in San Jose, California at the Opening Keynote on the first day of the event, June 4-8, 2018.

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