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iPhone unlock tool GrayKey: Apple eliminates antidote iOS 11.3

Apple iPhone 7

Data can also be extracted via the iPhone’s Lightning port.

(Picture: dpa, Christoph Dernbach)

iOS 11.3 should actually make it harder to read iPhone data over a cable connection. However, the important security feature is missing in the final version, so that unlock tools such as GrayKey can apparently continue to use unhindered.

Apple has delivered iOS 11.3 without a new security feature that should make it difficult to read iPhone data via Lightning cable: The tested in the beta phase of the system update “USB Restricted Mode” was in the final version “disabled,” said a developer the intended for law enforcement tool unlock tool GrayKey according to a report from the magazine Motherboard With. The only active for the GrayKey manufacturer developers have previously worked at Apple in the security field.

The amendment to improve security, according to Apple, has introduced yet another hurdle for wired reading of iPhone data and has had significant implications for law enforcement agencies Use unlock tools like GrayKey , Although the function does not prevent unlocking by the box or other unlock tools in general, the data access is made more difficult by a relatively small time window of a maximum of one week.

Forensic analysts have been discussing the proposed change for a long time, saying that the feature is “obviously good for privacy,” but “probably bad for the community,” noted Russian forensic software maker ElcomSoft, for example, this method of extracting iPhone data After all, border controls are “the lightest and most compatible”.

The “USB Restricted Mode” in the beta of iOS 11.3 automatically blocked the Lightning port as soon as the device was unlocked for seven days. A subsequent data communication was only possible after re-unlocking, the Lightning connection remained limited to charging functions.

Why the security function did not make it to the final version of iOS 11.3 remains unclear – Apple did not want to comment on the matter. Whether and when USB Restricted Mode will become part of iOS in the future is just as open for the time being. iOS 11.4, currently in beta testing, according to developers so far no indication of the security function.

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