Friday, 14 Dec 2018

iPhone X 2018: Samsung will provide OLED screens to Apple, LG is not up to it!

The iPhone X 2018 will be equipped with an OLED screen provided by Samsung. Disappointed by the quality of LG’s OLED panels, Apple is once again forced to turn to its rival. In a position of strength, Samsung risks again this year to impose its conditions and prices. The cost of manufacturing this new iPhone X will not be revised downward!

iPhone x oled

The IPhone X is the first smartphone from Apple that is equipped with an OLED screen. To provide OLED tiles, Apple had to turn to its rival, Samsung. Leader in the OLED market, Samsung has been able to impose the firm Tim Cook his price. In the last news, Samsung claims Apple up to more than $ 100 for each OLED display . To renegotiate the cost of OLED tiles, Apple turned to LG . The manufacturer must provide OLED screens for the iPhone X Plus while the Samsung tiles will be rather reserved for the model of 5.8 inches. Thanks to the multiplication of its suppliers, Apple wants to review the costs of its future iPhone down and take its independence from Samsung.

iPhone X 2018: Apple must turn to Samsung for OLED screens, LG does not produce enough!

Unfortunately, everything is not going as planned for Apple. According to our colleagues from the Wall Street Journal, LG fails to produce enough OLED tiles and to keep Apple’s production schedule. LG’s production lines are indeed much smaller than those of Samsung. The Wall Street says that mass production has not yet begun but that given the poor results of LG, Apple would consider resting entirely on Samsung.

Worse: LG would not succeed in satisfying Apple’s quality requirements for OLED . The apple brand has even ordered its supplier a new screen prototype. For now, everything suggests that LG does not have the level of Samsung in the field of OLED. As such, we will remember many display bugs that appeared on LG’s Google Pixel 2 XL OLED screen . According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple must make a quick decision to be on time for the September 2018 keynote.

Deprived of its second supplier, Apple is no longer really able to negotiate with Samsung. The Korean supplier will again be able to dictate prices. Consequently, the cost of making the iPhone X of 2018 should not be lower than that of the iPhone X first name, which is estimated at $ 357.50. No price reduction is expected for consumers, who can nevertheless fall back on two iPhone LCDs starting price of $ 550 !

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