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IPhones sold without a charger for the good of the planet, says Apple – rts.ch

Apple’s new iPhone 12, released on Friday in Switzerland, costs more than its predecessor but will be sold without accessories. The charger will have to be purchased separately: a gesture for the environment, ensures the brand with the apple.

Priced at 879 francs, the iPhone 12 costs 70 francs more than the model 11 when it was released last year. In the shopping box, customers will find their device as well as a USB cable. Exit, therefore, the charger and headphones.

Apple ensures that ecological reasons are behind this new practice. The Silicon Valley brand says removing chargers is like taking 450,000 cars off the road. With its measures, Apple would thus reduce its carbon emissions by two million tonnes per year.

Buy a new charger?

By buying a new iPhone, the user is almost doing something for the environment, the company says. To get a charger, the apple brand recommends using an old one.

We can imagine that some will keep their old accessories. But the devil is in the details: the little cable Apple ships with the phone is a cable with a new USB-C connector. It is therefore incompatible with older iPhone chargers. Conclusion: Customers will certainly have to buy a new charger for 25 francs.

Apple is still the only one to impose a “Lightning” type connector. This jack is not compatible with cables from any other phone on the market.

Dream scenario

Faced with these constraints, it is likely that many consumers will turn to Apple’s wireless charger, called “MagSafe”, for the sum of 45 francs.

For the company, this is the dream scenario that emerges: a phone sold more expensive, without accessories, to customers who will spend more on new chargers.

Samsung could follow

Other phone makers could emulate Apple’s strategy. According to rumors, Samsung will also stop offering chargers.

The ethical phone maker Fairphone already sells “bare bones” devices. But since it uses a standard connector, an older charger will do.

In summary, Apple is trying to green its image with this announcement. In marketing, this strategy has a name: greenwashing.

Radio column: Anouch Seydtaghia

Web text: Guillaume Martinez

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