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The emergency aid is already being paid since April 6, starting with those born in January, on April 9 it will be the time of those born in February, for those who have a birthday in March, the amount will be released on April 11. April, and those born in April, the amount will be deposited in the Digital Social Savings account, on April 13th.

To receive the benefit, it is necessary to be aware of the rules, one of which concerns those people who were included as a dependent in the Income Tax 2020 (base year 2019). According to the text of the MP (Provisional Measure), anyone who has been included as a dependent in the declaration delivered in 2020 will not receive emergency aid. Even if she is within the standards for receiving assistance.

Emergency Aid: Those who were dependent on the 2020 Income Tax will not be entitled to receive

The Provisional Measure says that those declared as dependents in the IR are not able to:
spouse; partner with whom the taxpayer has a child or has been living for more than 5 years will not be entitled to the benefit, dependent taxpayers who are under the conditions of being a child or stepchild under the age of 21 or under 24, who are enrolled in a teaching.

Whoever received the aid and got a job will then have to declare it to the IR?

Yes, those who received emergency aid and other taxable income that totaled more than R $ 22,847.76 in 2020. Among these income are: salary, retirement or INSS pension, alimony, rent income, among others, will have to declare to the IR.

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Your child has received emergency assistance, will you have to report it to the IR?

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If your child is your dependent in the Income Tax return, received emergency assistance, and your taxable income in 2020 was over R $ 22,847.76, you will have to report it to Income Tax.

In the situation in which you received emergency aid and your dependent child had an income above R $ 22,847.76 in 2020, you will have to make the income statement.

In the event that you and your dependent receive emergency assistance, however, no two two received taxable income above R $ 22,847.76 in 2020, you will only need to make the declaration of IR 2021 if you are framed in other situations required by the rules of the tax return.

Edited by Jorge Roberto Wrigt Cunha – journalist for Jornal Contábil

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