Iran successfully launches new satellite carrier rocket

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Tehran, Feb 2 (EFE) .- Iran successfully launched a new satellite-carrying rocket, called Zol-Jannah, which is equipped with the country’s most powerful solid-fuel engine, in a test that may trigger US condemnation. .

The spokesman for the space division of the Ministry of Defense, Ahmad Hoseiní, explained that this launch, carried out this Monday, consists of “two stages: one of solid propulsion and the other liquid, and has the capacity to place satellites weighing 220 kilograms in an orbit of 500 kilometers. ”

One of the most important achievements of this space test is that the rocket is equipped with the most powerful solid fuel engine in Iran, with a thrust of more than 750 tons, the spokesman stressed, according to statements collected by the official IRNA agency.

According to Hoseiní, this rocket can be used on mobile platforms and is designed to reduce costs. In addition, it will be able to put operational satellites into orbit when conducting research tests.

Iran put its first satellite into orbit in 2009, and in 2017, in addition to inaugurating the Imam Khomeini National Space Center, it launched a space rocket carrying the Simorq satellite.

In April 2020 it managed to put its first military satellite into orbit, after previously, in January 2019, the Iranian Space Agency (AEI) failed to launch the Payam satellite (message, in Persian).

The US government has repeatedly expressed its concern about the launch of space rockets by Iran, as it ensures that their activities have military objectives.

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The US has imposed sanctions on entities associated with Iran’s ballistic missile program for these satellite launches, as well as on numerous economic sectors in the Persian country after unilaterally withdrawing from the 2015 nuclear agreement. EFE

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