Iranian nuclear: Trump met with Macron


Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron spoke on the phone on Monday, as Iran announced that it will now produce at least 4.5% enriched uranium, beyond the limit allowed by the nuclear deal reached in Vienna in December. 2015. A threat that Teheran brandished on May 8, one year to the day of the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from this agreement.

The two presidents "discussed ongoing efforts to ensure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons and to end Iran's destabilizing behavior in the Middle East," according to a statement from the House. white.

France, one of the remaining parties to this agreement since the US withdrawal, keeps warning about the risk that Iran will come out of the Vienna agreement, making it de facto obsolete. And as a result the international community can no longer follow the enrichment activities of Tehran.

"What Europe can do is engage in dialogue with Tehran"

While Washington continues its strategy of "maximum pressure" on Tehran, reinforcing its severe economic sanctions, France has decided to send Tuesday Tuesday and Wednesday in Iran his diplomatic adviser, Emmanuel Bonne, to meet the Iranian authorities in order to work towards a "de-escalation".

On Monday, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi sent a warning to Paris, London and Berlin. If these three capitals "should behave in a (…) unexpected way, then we would skip all the following steps (Editor's note: the reduction plan commitments announced in May) and we would implement the last," he said , without specifying the nature of this last step.

"What Europe can do now is engage in dialogue with Tehran, get Iranian concessions, bring them to Washington and get reconciliation there," said Sanal Vakil of the Chatham House think tank. .


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