Irina Shaika has moved out of Bradley Cooper’s home. Friends talk about the divorce of a couple of stars

Relationships and marriages in Hollywood burn out as fast as matches. Against this background, the novel by model Irina Šaika and actor Bradley Cooper turned out to be quite long. The couple has been together for four years and is raising two-year-old daughter Lea in the family.

Talks about Bradley being seen in another woman’s society were barely silenced, when new talks about the couple’s disagreements appeared again. The most popular edition of the British Boulevard writes that the model has moved out of Cooper’s luxurious villa in Los Angeles. The couple lived together in the prestigious Pacific Palisades. The property of the actor and director Bradley Cooper is valued at four million euros.

“Bradley and Irina’s relationship is noticeably cold. Their relationship has not been good for several months. Irina decided it would be better if she moved back to her home. They don’t seem to be together for long, “The Sun quoted a close friend as saying.

Experts say that Irina left her husband with her daughter. Irina has been one of the best paid models in the world for several years, and she also owns her own real estate in Los Angeles.

Cooper and Shake, on the other hand, are among the most beautiful Hollywood couples. The news of their possible divorce has upset many fans of the couple. Several of them have expressed the hope that this is just a small dispute and that everything will be settled soon. Admittedly, news of Shaika and Cooper’s “divorce” comes out amazingly often. So far, the couple has not paid attention to these gossip, but paparazzi photos from their daily life have reflected the idyll of a harmonious family.

The daily lives of Shaika and Cooper are not much different from most young families: they visit together, go shopping, walk with their daughter and find time for a romantic dinner outside the house. The last time the paparazzi photographed them was on May 25, when they had a family picnic in Pacific Palisades Park near home.

Bradley carried his blond girl on his shoulders, played with the child, but Irina sat on the lawn and watched with joy as the beloved man and daughter played. Irina and Bradley went home, joined hands.

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