Ironically, Jeep Failed to Prevent Fake Jeep Cars from Entering America


MICHIGAN – Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA), the automotive parent company that Jeep is a member of, failed to prevent Mahindra Roxor from entering the American market. This happened because the International Trade Commission (ITC) had approved Mahindra’s request to sell Mahindra Roxor in the United States. (Also read: Mitsubishi produces electric cars in Thailand instead of Indonesia )

This decision is certainly disappointing for Jeep. The reason is through the FCA, in 2018 they sued Mahindra for imitating the Jeep Willys iconic car design when making the Mahindra Roxor. In this demand, Jeep prohibited Mahindra from selling Mahindra Roxor in the United States market. At the same time they admit that it does not matter at all if the 4×4 car is sold in India or other countries. Just not the United States.

At that time Mahindra rejected the accusation. They admit that they do not imitate the Jeep Willys at all. They even said that the market that Mahindra Roxor was eyeing was not a public market but a special market such as plantations. The car also cannot be used on public roads.

In 2019, Jeep could finally win the game. It’s just that it doesn’t make Mahindra accept that decision. They then slightly changed the front of the car and immediately submitted an application to the International Trade Commission.

They argue that they have changed the design of the car so that it is not the same as cars made by Jeep. As a result, the International Trade Commission stated that Mahindra Roxor was not the same as the Willys Jeep. The car even got a license for sale in the hometown of the Willys Jeep that was born, United States. (Also read: Elon Musk Ever Wanted to Sell Tesla to Apple at Low Prices )

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“The new design of this car focuses on the robustness of the car. The aggressive look shows how sturdy the car we made. This car is highly appreciated by cruise car lovers for its robustness,” said Rick Haas, President and CEO of Mahindra Automotive North America.

Meanwhile, Jeep was quoted by Detroit News as admitting that it was disappointed with the International Trade Commission’s decision. They are trying to find other legal avenues so that Mahindra Roxor does not enter the United States.

Even more ironic, Mahindra Roxor was not completely imported from India. The car was made in Auburn Hills, Michigan, which is not far from the Jeep factory in Toledo, Ohio.



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