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Is Chris Pratt a Republican? A look at his political views

Chris Pratt is a member of the Republican party

Hollywood is known for its almost overwhelming and liberal visions. Many of his greatest power players, such as George and Amal Clooney, are known to have spent a lot of time with important democratic politicians.

Others, notably Jane Fonda but also Jon Stewart and Morgan Freeman, are known as activists for liberal causes.

However, not everyone in Tinseltown is created equal. There are some actors with visions more inclined to the right. Sometimes, when that happens, it seems to surprise almost everyone. This has recently been the case, as fans are realizing that beloved actor Chris Pratt is a Republican strongly inclined to the right.

He caused a sensation by wearing a shirt that reflects conservative values

Although fans of Chris Pratt should have been aware of his views, many were surprised when the actor was recently seen wearing a shirt that placed the Gadsden flag in front and center.

The image includes a spiral snake with the words “Don’t step on me” on top of an image with stars and stripes. It is a flag, rooted in the colonies during the revolutionary war, which is favored by some highly conservative individuals.

While many of his fans loved his appearance in Marvel’s “Jurassic World” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the photo doesn’t suit them in general. The image itself caused a stir when writer Hunter Harris tweeted to his followers.

While many of his fans loved his appearances in Marvel’s “Jurassic World” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the photo doesn’t look good on them.

In the end, it was appreciated over 6,000 times and retweeted over 830 times. The feed commentators seem to be somewhat divided between being critical of the actor for wearing a shirt that they believe reflects racist values ​​and shows admiration. Several people asked where they could get a similar shirt.

He is a strong supporter of conservative Christian values

At this point, it’s safe to say that fans are starting to understand how far the actor aligns with conservative values. It also speaks of its Christian values.

The actor is known as a prominent member of Hillsong Church and enthusiastically praised God during his acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards. He even went one step further in his praise by encouraging the public to follow his lead and praise God too.

Furthermore, he readily spoke of his beliefs in other ways. For example, he referred to a biblical quotation from the Psalms when he spoke of his star on the Hollywood walk for fame.

He was also photographed riding a cross on his farm in Washington and when he tweeted about his engagement, he used the words “proud to live boldly in faith with you.”

He is married in a strong and conservative familythe Schwarzeneggers

Another indicator of Pratt’s conservative values ​​is his choice for a partner. He recently married the daughter of the notorious Republican and former California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger. While dating, they were seen spending time with the former governor and fellow Hollywood headliner.

During the outings, everyone seemed happy to spend time together. The couple got married in the summer of 2019 and have been around often together ever since. It is reasonable to assume that his chats with his father are still taking place.

He showed a number of other conservative beliefs

Pratt has also shown that he is a strong supporter of the rights of the second amendment. As early as 2014, he spoke to an Esquire Magazine reporter about his position on gun control.

He said he has an arsenal with around 30 to 40 guns. He said he wanted to be sure that if his wife had problems with someone, she would be able to defend herself.

In addition, Pratt is an avid hunter and has openly talked about how he manages livestock on his Washington farm. It was a fact about the fate of some of the lambs he raises, observing that they live some of the happiest lives possible until one day they “wake up dead”.

The next day, he posted a photo with pieces of lamb on his Instagram story. This did not bother some people but was seen as highly insensitive by others who view animals in a different way.

Finally, the actor also spoke of wanting to help bridge the gap in politics and increase the visibility of blue collar roles in Hollywood. He made an observation about this effect in 2017, although he immediately tried to go back after some negative fan reactions.

His Twitter feed included comments: “It was actually quite a stupid thing to say. There are actually a lot of blue collar roles in Hollywood movies. “

At the same time he faced the backlash of his comments on blue collar roles in the movies, Chris noticed how polarized Americans are becoming. He noted that “I feel there is common ground out there that we lack because we focus on the things that separate us. You are a red state or a blue state, left or right.”

Pratt expressed his desire to bridge that division and that his life represents both of those areas. It would seem that this is a feeling that most people can get into.

Fan reactions to Pratt’s views tilted to the right

Of course, there is an immediate reaction to locate him in the shirt and the backlash on his comments on the roles of blue-collar workers. However, recent reactions go further.

How much further? An entire article calls Pratt the “worst Chris” from a group of other famous actors named Chris who include fellow Marvel actors Chris Helmsworth and Chris Evans, as well as actor Chris Pine. The article goes on to suggest that Chris Pratt be expelled from the “Chris Club” and replaced with someone else.

Some don’t believe it deserves all criticism

Since fans are relatively harsh on the actor, there is a visible contingent of people who simply don’t believe they deserve the kind of clubbing he’s getting.

An article in the New York Post, written by a person who applauds his faith, even went as far as to ask if the backlash against him was truly justified and seemed to take the position that things were getting out of hand.

Chris Pratt behind the microphone
Gage Skidmore / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

The author indicated that he saw Pratt as a humble man and asked that while you can hate his positions, do not hate he.

Others seem to believe that people face the actor’s strong demonstration of his beliefs and simply leave him alone. They also seem amused that it is generating such a strong reaction in liberals.

He is not the only conservative in Hollywood

Pat Boone, the old Hollywood stalwart … compared Hollywood to high school, with several cliques.

While, understandably, many Hollywood conservatives do not readily disclose their beliefs, some have challenged the onslaught to declare their views. These include comedians Tim Allen and Roseanne Barr, as well as James Woods and Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood.

There have been rumors that some of these celebrities have had to sacrifice themselves to be so open about their beliefs. In 2018, Fox News published a story about how conservative they learned to keep quiet about avoiding a backlash.

The article contained extensive quotes from the old Hollywood patriot Pat Boone. He compared Hollywood to high school with multiple cliques.

Should Pratt be more careful or just be himself?

Many of those who have listened to Pratt’s comments believe that he should simply look at his words more carefully. Think before I speak. They may find his attitude charming and a little funny, but his comments are also negligent and do not fully represent some of his values ​​which could be more balanced.

Others may believe that Pratt should be himself fully and without apology. Probably, the answer lies between the two views. In the end, it will be up to Pratt to decide how to proceed and share them with the public.

If it continues, the public reaction will likely continue as it is, disputes and everything else.

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