Is Coconut Oil Unhealthy? Warn experts!

Coconut oil is healthier than many people believe – a study found. The reason for this are the many saturated fatty acids in coconut oil.

With You can take off coconut oil, the Brush teeth, Caring for skin and hair and look after his health. But too much of a good thing is also not good, as scientists have shown in a study.

The American Heart Association warns of the praised butter alternative. Coconut oil contains around 90 percent saturated fatty acids. In this regard Coconut oil is less healthy than some animal fats – also less healthy than butter, for example.

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That is why coconut oil is unhealthy

In the study, the researchers examined how Cardiovascular diseases can be prevented – after all, globally, they are the most common cause of death. A healthy diet plays a crucial role in prevention. When evaluating several studies, the researchers were now able to determine that those people who consumed less saturated fatty acids died significantly less frequently from cardiovascular diseases.

The fats unhealthy in coconut oil leave the bad ones Cholesterol levels rise – and thus promote diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Saturated fatty acids are contained in (cow’s milk) butter, lard, beef tallow, palm oil – and coconut fat. The experts therefore recommend that you avoid coconut oil and prefer to use oils from corn, rapeseed, peanuts, sunflowers, saffron or walnuts. Because of the high content of oleic acid (the best among unsaturated, healthy fatty acids!) are Olive and sunflower oil are the healthiest of the oils. Also Avocados and nuts contain health-promoting oils.

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The amount makes the difference

But as always: The amount makes the difference! Anyone who only occasionally uses coconut oil or only uses it externally has nothing to fear.

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