Is Disney Plus better than Netflix, Amazon, or Apple TV? –

The answer to the question of whether Disney Plus It is better than Netflix, Amazon or Apple TV, it will surely depend on the taste of the users, but without a doubt, the streaming service of the entertainment giant has many points in favor. It is true, that it does not have the amount of content that Netflix, at the moment, but the quantity does not always have to do with the quality.

Let’s start with the price. It is considerably lower than that paid by Netflix and offers more options for its subscribers in terms of the number of profiles, the number of devices on which it can be viewed simultaneously (four) and on which series or movies can be downloaded (ten) . The image quality is superlative, always in Full HD (or 4K when available), which is maintained despite the oscillations that our Internet connection may have. There is a great development in the way of compressing and reproducing the material, something that especially Amazon Prime and Apple TV have to work on.

Continuing with the subscription value, it is less than that paid by Netflix and very similar to that of Amazon Prime and Apple TV (which in the region has a unified price of US $ 4.99 per month). Although it has not yet launched in Latin America but it has in the United States, it is much further from HBO Max which costs US $ 14.99.

The platform is very friendly, with a main use of blue tones in the background, a highlight for the contents of each of its main brands: Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic.

In addition, there is a highlight for genres and categories (Action and Adventure, Originals, In Trend, Recommendations for You, among others) and another “highlight” for collections such as “X-Men”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Guardians of the Galaxia “and” Spider-Man “, among many more.

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If you think about the amount of content, it is at a lower number than Netflix: 3,600 compared to 900. But much higher than Apple TV +.

Here you have to make a stand. Disney Plus and Apple TV + are not in direct competition. As we explained in previous notes, Disney bets more on content and Apple’s strategy goes further, thinking about services for customers of their mobile devices. For this reason, the catalog of the apple company is still very limited. And as for the type of series and movies, it is closer to HBO than to Disney, although without reaching the dark tone of HBO.

And if anyone believes that Disney Plus is just for the family, there is a lot of adult content (always following Disney’s maxims: extreme no violence and no sex scenes), especially thanks to National Geographic.

Disney Plus may not replace its rivals, but it will be an option that one has to hire. Because, without a doubt, we will find at any time, a series or movie that we want to see. From exclusive premieres to the most historic classics. And the price is well worth it.

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