Is God testing us? Yes, but to a “positive test”

Does God put us to the test? In faith, I resolutely answer “No”! Or else, he would be a perverse God. If we are going through a trial, it is not one to which God subjects us but one which questions our faith. What reflection does the trial spark in me then? First of all, God is never an accomplice of evil: Christ, the perfect image of the Father’s being (Letter to the Hebrews) never ceases to perform these acts which signify his rejection of evil and what hurts. Furthermore, in its very name, Iechua (God save), Christ means that love has the last word over evil. So, when man has succumbed to the test, the criterion of his redemption is only the love of which he is still capable: “Pierre, do you love me? “ (John 21) Finally, how can we understand the new translation of the Our Father if it is not that it just wants to insist on this distance from God with the trial that affects us (we have thus passed from “Do not subject us to temptation” at “Don’t let us enter into temptation”). The only ordeal that I have to go through in these particular times that we live in and which I believe God can be at the origin of is a positive ordeal. God calls my generosity, he stimulates my imagination so that nothing in the life of others is indifferent to me. Thank you God for what you experience the best of what you have sown in me for all eternity.

Vincent Perrin


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