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Is it possible to repeat matches due to arbitration errors? .. Ahmed Mujahid responds

Engineer Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee that manages the Football Association, said that the federation is the master of its decision in everything related to football inside Egypt.

Al-Ahly’s request was rejected
He added, during a phone call to the “Tala fans” program, presented by Ibrahim Fayek on the “On Time Sport 2” channel, that Al-Ahly’s request to recruit foreign referees in its matches in the General League was rejected.

He continued: “All Al-Ahly matches this season will be Egyptian referees, and there is no change in that.”

Judging errors
He pointed out that the regular arbitration errors, if any, are not among the reasons for the replay of matches, but the match is repeated when there is an error in the application of the law, continuing: from the point of view of the club that has a penalty kick or a direct free kick, it is not a reason for the replay of the match because it is the judgment’s discretion.

Request to replay the match
He added: “Any request for a replay of the match will not be considered in the event of arbitration errors, except in the event that the match is played by 12 players, for example, or there is a clear problem in the law of the game.”

Officials of the Football Association decisively rejected Al-Ahly’s request to bring in foreign referees for the Red Team matches in the Premier League during the coming period, which was requested by the Board of Directors of the Red Castle during its meeting on Friday.

An official source with the Football Association confirmed, in exclusive statements to “Vito”, that the league competition will not witness foreign referees during the current season, and that there is complete confidence on the part of the tripartite committee that manages the federation in the Egyptian referees, their competence and their ability to exit the competition to safety.

The source added that the Egyptian arbitration has proven high efficiency in managing continental and local matches in the last two seasons, the last of which was the summit meeting between Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the first round of the league competition.

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