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Is it true that humans breathe only from one nostril? page all

KOMPAS.com – Breathing is a process of exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. But apparently, humans breathe from one nostril only, right?

Reported from Live Science, Monday (4/10/2021), we rarely breathe from both nostrils at the same time.

Dr. Michael Benniger, Head and Neck Physician at the Cleveland Clinic, said when humans breathe about 75 percent of the breath comes from one nostril. While the remaining 25 percent is done through the other nostril.

This is called nasal cycle or nasal cycle.

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Although often unnoticed, during the nasal cycle, one nostril becomes blocked and eventually contributes little to the flow of respiratory air.

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Meanwhile, the other nostril becomes less blocked and provides more airflow for breathing.

According to a 2016 study published in the Journal PLOS OneOn average, this nasal blockage pattern changes every 2 hours.

Benniger adds that no one is sure what causes nasal cycles to occur. But there is one theory that is widely believed, namely the goal is to keep the nostrils moist.

“Some people speculate that it has to do with allowing moisture to build up on one side so it doesn’t dry out too much,” he says.

The cycle that actually occurs all the time in humans may be more visible during sleep.

For example, when a person lies on the right side, gravity will cause the lower nostril or right nostril to become more congested,

If this happens simultaneously with the turn of the right nostril to become blocked, the gravity of lying on the right will have no effect.

However, still in the same case, if the nasal cycle turns in the blocked left nostril, it is likely that breathing will become more difficult and can even make people wake up from sleep.

Although often overlooked, usually the nasal cycle will be a concern if someone has a consistent nasal blockage or problem in their nose.

This can be due to a deviated septum or the wall between the nostrils shifting causing them to be pushed more to one side.

In addition to the septum, the growth of polyps or tissue that grows on the inside of the nasal passages without causing pain can also have the same effect.

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Even worse, tumors can also be one of the causes, although the case is rare.

As for the way to relieve both noses at once from the blockage if it feels so annoying, it can be with decongestants (nasal sprays) or exercise.

Not only that, according to a 2021 study in Ear, Nose & Throat Journal, sexual intercourse can also clear the nose and work as a natural substitute for decongestants.


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