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Is the Test Pack Effective in Detecting Testicular Cancer?

Although it is able to detect hCG levels which is one of the signs of testicular cancer, the use of test pack still has drawbacks.

Here are things you should pay attention to when using test pack to check for testicular cancer, based on the test results that appear:

Not all testicular cancer sufferers have elevated hCG or other markers. So, it’s still possible you have testicular cancer or tumor when the results are negative.

The use of pregnancy tests often shows false positive results. This condition is caused by several factors, such as the presence of protein or blood in the urine, as well as the consumption of certain drugs.

In addition, an increase in hCG, which makes the test result positive, can also be caused by other diseases, such as lung and stomach cancer. That’s the reason a positive result can’t always be a benchmark for you to have testicular cancer.

You are advised to continue to do a testicular examination to the doctor, especially when experiencing conditions such as the following:

  • There is a lump or swelling in the testicle, but it does not cause pain.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen or scrotum.
  • The scrotum becomes heavy.

An increase in hCG which is a sign of testicular cancer can indeed be seen through test pack. However, pregnancy test kits still cannot be fully relied on to detect these venereal diseases.

If you feel there is an abnormality in the testicles or the surrounding area, you should immediately consult or consult a doctor. Early diagnosis by an expert will increase the success of treatment.

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