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Is this one? Scientists have discovered methods to eliminate Covid, studies say

UA group of scientists at the universities of Leuven and Namur, Belgium, have made a discovery that could well revolutionize the fight against coronavirus. Researchers have developed a method involving a type of sugar called acetylated 9-O, which has been isolated and used as a ‘protection’ against Covid-19, according to a publication in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

Scientists explain that when SARS-CoV-2 comes in contact with a cell, it needs to create bonds and cling to it. Only then can he contact the ACE2 receptor and carry out the infection. To do this, the virus’s outer surface is coated with a large amount of spike protein, which is responsible for the virus’s entry into the cells and for the identification of the ACE2 receptor, as summarized by scientist David Alsteens in a statement to the journal. In the evening.

The good news is that researchers have discovered that 9-O-acetylated sugar can serve as a second barrier. In this way, the virus dies without being able to infect human cells.

Officials believe that these results will be useful for the creation of antivirals that facilitate the complete eradication of the virus. For now, the solutions found will be tested in laboratory mice and, depending on the results, clinical trials may include humans.

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