Is Trump trying to overturn the election result through parliaments?

Dhe America’s President’s campaign team Donald Trump insiders say that state parliaments will intervene to overturn the result of the presidential election. As the news agency Reuters learned from three people familiar with the process, the Republican state MPs in Pennsylvania and Michigan are to be induced to determine the respective electorate of the state directly and in Trump’s favor. According to the American constitution, this is permissible because it gives the state parliaments the final decision on the distribution of the electorate. The result of the vote should therefore be ignored. The Republicans control the state parliaments in both states.

A senior Trump employee told Reuters about the new strategy that doubts about the results of the election should be spread and their formal proclamation delayed as long as possible. Many state MPs came from districts in which Trump supporters are clearly in the majority. Over time, the pressure there could become so great that they hardly had any other alternative than to intervene in the election. In a recent Reuters-Ipsos / poll, around half of Republicans said Trump “legitimately won” the election.

According to a Michigan insider, Trump invited two leading Republican state MPs to the White House on Friday. Senate majority leader Mike Shirkey and House President Lee Chatfield wanted to hear what the president had to say, it said. Chatfield said Michigan’s 16 electorate would go to the candidate who received the most votes in the election. Located in the state Biden according to unofficial results with more than 150,000 votes ahead.

Meanwhile, Democratic MPs have written a letter calling for a statement from the head of the GSA, which has so far refused to hand over official business to President-elect Joe Biden. “Your action, which leads to a blockade of the legally required transition, has serious consequences,” wrote the MPs in the House of Representatives on Thursday (local time) to Emily Murphy, head of the agency appointed by President Donald Trump. They requested to speak to Murphy by Monday. They did not rule out a summons to a public hearing.

According to the data provider Edison Research, Biden won the election with 306 voters ahead of Trump with 232. At least 270 voters are required to win. Trump did not admit defeat. Rather, in at least nine cases, his campaign team takes legal action against the results in the individual states. Initially with little success: on Thursday alone, judges in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona rejected the objections.


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