Isabelle Rasmont received 800,000 euros per year!

The big cleaning continues in the Enodia-Nethys galaxy. With new teams that no longer intend to remain in the same dynamic of the past. The last element in the sights of the Liège group and its subsidiaries: the question of the company auditor.

To fully understand what it is, you must first know that, for years and years, it is the same person who was in charge of controlling the accounts of all the main companies / subsidiaries of Publifin, now Enodia. In fact, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) is at the helm and has delegated as controller Isabelle Rasmont.

Nethys, Enodia, Intégrale, Ogeo Fund and Resa had the same reviser. At € 800,000 per year …

In addition to its huge fees, it is also its independence in question.


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