Islam is an Evil Religion, We Will Continue to Burn the Qur’an

WE Online, Stockholm

Members of the far-right Danish group burned copies of the Koran in Sweden, just days after a similar incident in the southern city of Malmo.

As reported from the page Al-Jazeera last Thursday (10/09/2020), this fact was in a videoposting by the leader of Denmark’s far-right hardline group Stram Kurs. The video shows a man burning Muslim holy books in the Rinkeby neighborhood.

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Rinkeby, in the capital Stockholm, has a large Muslim and immigrant population.

“Today, Stram Kurs, burns the Koran in a” damn hole ghetto “in Rinkenby Sweden,” wrote Rasmus Paludan on Facebook.

“A lot of criminals say we can never do this. But we do. Islam is an evil and primitive religion that has no place in Denmark, Sweden or any other civilized society,” he added.

The right-wing group had previously asked the police for permission to burn the Koran in Rinkeby. But the request was denied.

The latest action comes amid reports that the party is planning more demonstrations in five suburbs of Stockholm on 12 September or the next two days.

According to Euronews, members of the Swedish Muslim community held a meeting on Tuesday to discuss how to handle this demonstration.

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