Islamologist Yacob Mahi definitively condemned

The Court of Cassation rejected the appeal filed by the professor of Islamic religion, polemicist and former TV star.

Land DH learns that the Court of Cassation rejected the appeal filed by Yacob Mahi on October 6. The sentences handed down against the former professor of Islamic religion are now final. Yacob Mahi, 56, from Koekelberg, is definitively found guilty for moral and physical violence against students of the Leonardo da Vinci Athenaeum in Anderlecht, revealed in 2014 and 2015.

Before the Court of Cassation, Yacob Mahi developed a grievance which shocked his victims, in particular this student whom he was accused of having slapped in class and who was defended by the lawyer Hamid El Abouti.

As a reminder, the theologian, Islamologist and lecturer Yacob Mahi was for twenty years (since the Dutroux affair and the disappearance of Loubna Benaïssa) a regular interlocutor of the media. Very comfortable, very frank and sure of himself, he was frequently invited to the TV sets, where he expressed his feelings for the Muslim community.

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