Isolated from everyone: Pedro Passos Coelho abandoned everything to dedicate himself to the last months of his wife Laura Ferreira – Nacional

Laura Ferreira, wife of the former prime minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, died. Laura was 56 years old, the last five have been fighting cancer, since the terrible diagnosis of a osteosarcoma, malignant tumor in bones, in 2014.
But this was not an isolated battle, Laura Ferreira had the support of the family from day one, in particular with the strength of her husband Pedro Passos Coelho, who, even when he served as prime minister, was always at Laura’s side, to help her fight the disease.
As the disease worsens, when
cancer has spread to the lungs and the former physiotherapist’s health became increasingly weak the former PSD leader took refuge more and more at home, beside his wife, just leaving to fulfill some professional obligations. He was the one who took care of shopping and household chores, like taking care of the youngest daughter, Julia.

In the last few weeks, when the state of health worsened and forced him to be admitted to the Lisbon IPO, Pedro Passos Coelho was almost permanently with Laura, with whom he has a daughter, whom the couple tried to protect as much as possible during the most difficult times. Laura also had another daughter, Teresa, who was older, who was also a fundamental help in caring for her younger sister, Julia.

During this dramatic period of illness, Pedro Passos Coelho withdrew from public life. He returned just a week ago to present the book by former European commissioner Carlos Moedas.

O ex-prime minister’s last birthday, July 24, was celebrated without a party or friends. Contrary to what was “tradition”, Pedro Passos Coelho I didn’t want to mark the date. There was no party, not even the usual dinner with your closest group of friends. I just wanted to be focused on the woman.

In February 2019, Pedro Passos Coelho went through another ordeal, the death of his father, António Passos Coelho, whose funeral he attended without his wife who was unable to travel to Vila Real due to the worsening of his health.

Passos Coelho receives support from PSD figures at his father’s funeral

Now, the nightmare comes to an end in the most painful way. Pedro Passos Coelho also has Júlia, his teenage daughter, who still requires more care. In addition to his daughter with Laura, the former Democratic social leader has two other daughters from his marriage to ex-Doce, Fátima Padinha, Joana and Catarina.


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