Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Israel calls for international response to Hezbollah tunnels

JERUSALEM – Israel's prime minister on Thursday asked for additional sanctions on Hezbollah and condemn the Lebanese militant group in response to the discovery of tunnels stretching from southern Lebanon into northern Israel.

Hezbollah aimed at infiltrating Israel. Israel this week launched an open-ended operation intended to expose and thwart The two sides are bitter enemies and fought an inconclusive monthlong war in 2006.

Benjamin Netanyahu toured the operation with a group of ambassadors Thursday.

"I told the ambassadors that they need to unequivocally condemn this aggression against us by Iran, by Hezbollah and by Hamas, and of course, to also strengthen the sanctions against these elements," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu also said he will ask the U.N. Security Council discuss the matter.

He said that the end of the operation, the tunnels "will no longer exist and will no longer be effective."

Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, a military spokesman, told reporters Thursday that the army is now operating in three areas where tunnels have been discovered.

"We are aware of additional tunnels," he said.

He said that Israel's northern commander, Maj. Gen. Yoel Strik, on Thursday gave the head of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon to a tunnel that entered Israel.

Strik also presented a map with the location of a second tunnel, which is said to be connected to the tunnel. He said Israel asked that UNIFIL investigate and "neutralize" the shaft of the tunnel.

There was no immediate response from the peacekeeping mission.

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