It can be imitated, Sweden’s relaxed way has managed to control Covid-19 and was praised by WHO

ILLUSTRATION. It can be imitated, Sweden’s relaxed way has managed to control Covid-19 and was praised by WHO. REUTERS / Ints Kalnins / File Photo

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KONTAN.CO.ID – Stockholm. Sweden’s steps in dealing with the corona virus are worthy of emulation. Sweden became the first country to successfully control Covid-19 without lockdown or territorial isolation.

Sweden was once called the “most relaxed” country in dealing with the corona virus, and now it is clear that their efforts are bearing fruit. When Covid-19 cases in Europe increased again, in Sweden the number of the increase actually decreased, although not lockdown. Sweden’s infection rate was once the highest in Europe, but is now lower than that of Britain, Spain, France or Italy.

The Daily Mail on Friday (11/9/2020) reported that Sweden last week carried out a number of coronavirus tests but only 1.2 percent were positive again. This figure is the lowest there since the pandemic.

Sweden’s “clean-up” saw him removed from Britain’s quarantine list, and reopened the doors to tourism and its economy. So, how can Sweden relax the virus?

There is no lockdown in Sweden. People are not ordered to stay at home, shops, schools and restaurants also remain open even though the case curve is at its peak.

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The Nordic nation’s top epidemiologists also do not see masks as an effective means, and insist a complete lockdown will not prevent deaths in wards. However, Swedish citizens always obey two basic things, namely hand washing and social distancing.

“The reason behind the current relatively low transmission rate is largely because many Stockholm residents are following recommendations to stay at home when sick, wash their hands and keep their distance,” said Per Follin, head of Stockholm’s Infectious Disease Control and Prevention agency.

The Swedish government has also frequently cited a high level of trust in the authorities as the reason why virus prevention measures can be voluntary rather than coercive.


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