It is a record late tropical and the hottest Prinsjesdag ever | Inland

This Tuesday 15 September, Budget Day 2020, a number of heat records have been broken. It was the hottest Prinsjesdag ever and it has never been so warm this late in the year. It was a record late tropical day and earlier in the day it was officially the hottest 15 September.

At 2:20 pm the temperature in De Bilt rose to 30.2 degrees. This officially became the record late tropical day. The previous record was September 14, 2016. It then became 31.4 degrees in De Bilt. In Gilze en Rijen (North Brabant) the mercury rose to 34.5 degrees, the highest temperature ever recorded in September in the Netherlands. The previous record was 34.2 degrees and that was measured September 4, 1929 in Maastricht.

Earlier Tuesday it was officially the hottest 15 September and that was the ninth date heat record for the maximum temperature of 2020. In January we had one heat record and a date heat record was also recorded in February. April set three records and also hit a date heat record three times during the last heat wave.

Warmest Prinsjesdag ever

With 30.3 degrees Celsius in the vicinity of The Hague, measuring point Voorschoten / Valkenburg, it was also the hottest Prinsjesdag ever. The previous record was 28.7 degrees and was measured on September 19, 1961. In 1963 it became 24.8 degrees on September 17.

The heat will subside in the coming days. The temperature will rise to 23-28 degrees tomorrow, from Thursday the maximums will be between 20 and 25 degrees. The weather picture shows a lot of sunshine and it remains dry.

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