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“It is just beginning”

This was unfortunately to be expected. On October 16, the manager of a Brussels café was stabbed by a customer who had refused to show his Covid Safe Ticket. Brussels was the first region in Belgium to impose this laissez-passer, which has become compulsory in Wallonia since November 1.

This Wednesday, it was in Rixensart, a peaceful town in Walloon Brabant that a father went crazy. Frédéric Hautrive, the town’s sports infrastructure manager, agreed to testify. “In my opinion, what happened with us on Wednesday night is just beginning. Accepting to testify will allow us to point out the difficulties that our sector is encountering in implementing CSE control. And, above all, the problems we have to enforce it ”.

The facts perpetrated on a municipal worker who had the misfortune of passing through the Rixensart sports complex are beyond comprehension. “It did not take two days for the CST control to lead to a physical assault with a night spent in the hospital”, summarizes “Fred” Hautrive. “A father showed up at the entrance to the complex where we placed a security guard from the High Security company. The municipality pays € 20,000 to provide this service. The officer asked the father to show his CST. He refused… “

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