It is now possible to register digitally at the IMSS Family Medicine Unit

Gómez Palacio, Durango.- Registering with the Family Medicine Unit (UMF) of the IMSS, which corresponds to the beneficiary, remotely or digitally is already possible, simple and accessible, helping to reduce costs and time, for which It is only required to have personal data on hand to carry it out, as reported by the Head of Affiliation and Collection, of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Durango.

It was highlighted that affiliation guarantees access to benefits, such as medical care, work disabilities and childcare facilities for the insured and their family nucleus.

When a citizen enters to work and is discharged by his employer before the IMSS, he must register in the clinic that corresponds to him, to complete the process; Doing it digitally takes a maximum of 15 minutes, in addition to avoiding travel expenses and exposing yourself to a Covid-19 contagion.

Previously, registration could only be done in person, but thanks to technology, today processes have been simplified through the IMSS Digital app and the portal, which allow Register remotely to the corresponding UMF, according to the geographic location of the insured’s domicile.

The following personal information must be on hand: CURP, Social Security Number (SSN), personal email of the insured and a proof of address in the case of using the APP; If the registration is made via the website, in the case of registration of parents and / or spouses, common-law wife or common-law partner, the Electronic Signature will also be required.

Both the application for mobile device and the website have a list of Family Medicine Units related to the Postal Code, so that the user can identify which one corresponds to them.

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In addition to electronic registration, there are other procedures that can be carried out in this way, such as changing the clinic, if the address of the insured is changed; Assignment or Location of NSS; check your validity of rights; consultation of the number of weeks contributed as a worker, the employers they have had and the salary with which they contribute; pension procedure, data correction, among others.

With this range of options, the aim is to give certainty to the worker that the IMSS has their correct data so that, if they require any benefit, be it medical or economic, they can do so quickly and safely.


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