It is rumored that President Jokowi will be removed from office, Member of Commission 1 DPR RI gives a surprising response

MANTRA SUKABUMI – Law (UU) Create Work after it is confirmed that there is a lot of rejection from various elements of society.

Starting from laborers, students, mass organizations to students, they took to the streets to voice their opinions regarding the rejection of the Job Creation Law.

Even the masses made motion of disbelief addressed to the President Jokowi Dodo (Jokowi), causing a response from the president to immediately step down from his position.

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However, until recently Jokowi could not possibly be removed from his position as the number one person in Indonesia.

With many strong reasons, of course, so as to step down Jokowi being president is not easy.

As stated by a member of Commission I DPR RI Major General TNI (ret), TB Hasanuddin in a statement.

Reporting from, Hasanuddin revealed if motion of disbelief it is not enough to overthrow President Joko Widodo.


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