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It is starting to boil in the Kaliningrad region

The Kaliningrad District is cut off from Russia, as is Crimea, which it has annexed. The sanctions imposed on Russia are probably the most painful for the Kaliningrad Oblast.

The creation of a corridor to the Crimea cut off from Russia is probably one of the goals of the war in Ukraine. The situation is a bit like the analogy to subsidizing water. When the pressure builds up and the lid is vapor-tight, it’s easy to explode. The introduced sanctions limit the transport of goods (out of gas). That is why the inhabitants of the Kaliningrad District are feeling the hardships of life more and more.

Food prices increased drastically, and the problem with the availability of goods also reached DIY stores. Inhabitants are encouraged to cultivate public land to obtain food themselves.

Due to the fact that the Polish consulate does not issue visas, Russians from the oblast can travel across the border with Lithuania, and due to the restricted airspace and the increase in air ticket prices, residents are “trapped” in the Oblast.

The propaganda still works. Polish diplomats expelled from the consulate in Kaliningrad were “escorted” to the border by cars with the letter Z. However, more and more often their anger related to sanctions is expressed by “ordinary” residents. There are thefts and devastation of cars of Russians supporting the war in Ukraine. as many as 12,000 people take part in anti-Putinism.

Looking at the situation in a broader context, it is becoming increasingly clear that the implementation of sanctions not only against the Russian authorities, but also against “ordinary” residents may lead to protests, and possibly a change of government as a result.

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