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Cliff Bleszinski keep brooding about LawBrbeakers, and it could not be otherwise considering the big failure it represented, also leading to the closure of his Boss Key team, and among the author’s regrets there is also the decision of thePS4 exclusive, which on balance according to CliffyB was a error.

LawBreakers started out as a rather interesting project, despite launching into an already rather crowded area such as team multiplayer shooters. In large part, the interest was given by the fact that it was the game of relaunch for Cliff Bleszinski, the game designer who created Gears of War.

One of the elements that caused quite a stir was the choice to apply for LawBreakers a ‘console exclusive dedicated to PS4. The game was in fact a PS4 exclusive regarding the consoles, beyond the PC version, which is rather strange if you think about the story of CliffyB which rose to global fame thanks to a series that was Xbox exclusive.

The matter has never been much digested by longtime Gears of War fans, but apparently the author has realized, over the years, that he made a mistake: “Oh and while we’re talking about it – yes, it was a mistake to put LawBreakers on PlayStation instead of on Xbox“reads a recent CliffyB tweet.

LawBreakers closed the servers permanently in September 2018, later Boss Key Productions tried to relaunch with Radical Heights but this also proved to be a failure, leading Cliff Bleszinski to abandon the game scene.

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