Italian minister hits back at Ronaldo: ‘Don’t be so arrogant’

That now seems to be turning into a personal battle between the star player and the Italian Minister of Sport, Vincenzo Spadafora. The politician said earlier this week that he did not believe Ronaldo was following the rules.

The Portuguese did not leave that reproach unanswered. “I didn’t break the rules, as they say. It’s a lie,” he reports on Instagram. “I returned from Portugal after my team and I made sure that everything was done according to the procedures. I flew an air ambulance and had no contact with anyone, including Turin.”


That went wrong again for Spadafora. “Just because a player has certain qualities does not mean that he should be so arrogant. He shows little respect to the authorities and lies. The more famous someone is, the more he should feel the responsibility to think first and only then. to speak.”

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