Italy advances 4.3 billion to its municipalities

Italian Prime Minister,Giuseppe Conte, has announced that the Government will advance 4.3 billionto the 8,000 municipalities and will allocate400 million for purchase couponswhich will be delivered to those most in need. “We have signed aministerial decreeto advance the municipalities 4.3 billion before the scheduled date in May and we added another 400 million to this fund, an additional advance for the municipalities on the condition that this figure should be used by people who cannot buy, “Conte explained. in a televised appearance.

The 400 million will be distributed among the 8,000 municipalities and purchase coupons will be generated. “We are confident that mayors from the beginning of next week will be able to supply coupons or deliver food directly.We don’t want to leave anyone alone, abandoned“He has highlighted. In addition, Conte has suggested that retailers make a discount of 5 or 10 percent to those who buy with coupons.

Conte recalled that the10,000 fatalities. “It is a number that particularly affects us. It enlarges a wound that we can never forget. However, there is a number that encourages us, that of the 1,434 that have recovered,” he said.

At the beginning of the week Conte will meet with the technical-scientific committee on the coronavirus, he explained: “We trust that it will bring us good news.” “We want to give a concrete signal of the presence of the State. There are many citizens in difficulties, many people who suffer: we are aware of this, we do not turn our heads the other way, “he stressed.

“There ismany material sufferings for those who have and were already having difficultieswith food and pharmaceutical supplies, “he added.” The entire national community is suffering, we are all in the same boat. We must help those who are in greatest difficulty. This chain of solidarity must be born, “he pointed out.

The last official balancecollects 889 people who died in the last hoursthroughout the country due to the coronavirus, for a total of 10,023 deaths. The number of new cases has increased slightly compared to Friday to 5,974, for a total of 92,472 infections.


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