Italy could have 600,000 infected, ten times more than those registered

Angelo Borrelli, head of Civil Protection and special commissioner for this crisis in Italy, considers “credible” that for each person infected with coronavirus registered there are nine others who do not know that they are infected. According to the latest official data, there are almost 64,000 citizens affected by Covid-19 in the country, but in total there could be more than 600,000, about 1% of the Italian population. So far, more than 6,000 people have died from the pandemic and 7,400 have managed to overcome the disease, although Borrelli himself acknowledges that the figures being considered are “imperfect”.

In an interview published this Tuesday by the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’, the head of Civil Protection is cautious about the decrease in the number of new infected registered in the last two days: 3,780 yesterday and 3,957 on Sunday, compared to 4,821 on Saturday, the worst day so far with 793 deaths. The commissioner considers that the restrictions applied throughout the territory “begin to feel” national two weeks ago and says that “in the next few hours, other effects should be seen.” In this way, it will be possible to verify if the pandemic has truly passed its peak and the contagious curve begins to decrease.

In the first weeks of the emergency, the country experienced “chaos”, regrets Borrelli, who assures that the central authorities had to “redirect reason” to the regional presidents, who have the competence in health. In the interview, he also confesses the difficulties in buying medical supplies in other countries, acknowledges his fear that “no more masks will arrive from abroad” and asks to promote the national manufacture of these products.

According to mathematical projections, in about a week Italy will have overtaken China in number of infected, a reality that Borrelli “would never have expected”. To try to stop infections in recent days, new restrictions have been approved. Yesterday was the first business day since the new government decree came into force, allowing only economic activities related to the production and distribution of goods and services considered essential to open. This measure supposes the closure of around 70% of the productive fabric, according to the estimate of Vincenzo Boccia, president of the Confindustria, the Italian employers, who calculated the loss of Italian companies due to the bolt at up to 100,000 million euros.

The Government has also decided to punish more harshly those who leave the house without reason. It can only be done for reasons of work, health or imperative need and a written justification must be shown to the Police. To the fines of 206 euros and three months in prison in force throughout the national territory Initially, subsequent penalties of up to 2,000 euros and the seizure of the used vehicle will be added. Drones are being used to help security forces monitor the streets in various locations in the country.


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