Italy is the third country in the world most affected by malware – Software and Apps


Italy is the third country in the world most affected by malware, the computer viruses used by hackers to steal personal information or money. In first place is the United States followed by Japan. The data emerge from the latest report by Trend Micro Research, a division specializing in cybersecurity. An increase in the threat, ever faster in our country: in January it was the fifth most affected, in February and March the fourth. To be exact, the malware that hit Italy in April was 4,908,522.

The ranking of the five most attacked countries in the world is led by the United States (31,056,221) and Japan (30,363,541). After Italy in third position, followed by India (4,411,584) and Australia (4,387,315). The family of malware most detected in Italy at the corporate level in April was that of the so-called ‘Downads’ that can infect the entire network of a company by exploiting obsolete and outdated operating systems.

While consumers have been most affected by the family of malware called Coinminer, which hide inside a system to exploit computing capabilities and produce cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin without the knowledge of users.

Italy in 2020, according to Trend Micro researchers, was the second country in Europe most affected by ransomware – another family of viruses that blocks devices and asks for a ransom – after Germany. In the world, our country was the eleventh most attacked by this threat, in the first three places Turkey, China and India.