August 9, 2019

Newsy Today

Italy will ban docking cruise ships in Venice

The Italian government will prohibit the entry of large cruises – of more than 1,000 tons – to the canals of Venice. The ships, according to the Financial Times, should dock at other terminals that could be Fusina and Lombardy. Other sources claim that the alternative route will be the port of Marghera, in the town of Mestre from there the cruise passengers will be transferred for their visit to Venice. The application of the measure will be gradual over the next four years.

The decision of the Italian government comes after the many protests of the Venetians that began in 2006. Activists say that the displacement of water, caused by ocean liners, damages the old foundations of the city and the fragile ecosystem of the lagoon.

The drop that broke the glass was the accident of the MSC Opera cruise on June 2 that lost control and crashed into the San Basilio dock and against a smaller tourist boat in the Guidecca canal causing injuries to five people. After the incident at the Port of Venice, the MSC Opera was forced to cancel two of its departures, a circumstance that affected 2,451 passengers from 53 countries.

In 2017, about 20,000 Venetians demanded the ban on cruise ships, however there are many who recognize that the economic benefits, which each year generates more than 400 million euros for Italy and 4,000 permanent jobs, is a compelling reason for that cruise passengers continue to visit the city of the Canals. .