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New edition Browsers from the List promises one bigger novelty. But let’s start with the little things. Version 6.18 issued on October 12 officially supports Windows 11. It also opens the way to import data from Edge.

According to the manufacturer, the browser is especially proud of better translation of pageswhich he handles in the basic equipment (like many others). The list again bet on cooperation with the domestic Lingea. It has been providing him with data for a web dictionary for a long time. The Seznam.cz browser now abandons the phrase translator in favor of a compiler built on neural networks.

Infamous results

So it tries to mimic the activity of the human brain. According to the List, site translations look more natural. For supported languages ​​- German, French, Spanish and Russian – then adds Italian. Better translations are available on both computers and mobile phones. So good.

I tried one page on Wikipedia and the translator broke my teeth on it, as I demonstrate the pictures in the gallery. I have also tried several articles on other sites and the results are conflicting. Sometimes the translation is a bit rough but understandable, occasionally a translator clearly fails. E.g. does not recognize the names of anything. In general, I do not consider the results to be miraculous.

The compiler in the List browser does not provide stellar results. However, translation is not an easy discipline

Translator sometimes it doesn’t even deal with established phrases. The “bucket list”, for example, has nothing to do with a bucket – it is a list of successes, events or experiences, if you want, that you want to achieve in life. The Seznam.cz browser may have actually improved the translations, but the result is unfortunately not sufficient. Probably the most convincing results are currently being achieved by Deepl. To be completely fair, but he didn’t cope with the bucket list either.

Last year, the browser translated over 3.5 million pages from the domestic internet giant. Most of them were translations from English and most often people translated the content of e-shops. If you are interested, download it from www.seznam.cz/prohlizec.

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