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Ito Bisonó assures Danilo’s government left the state coffers at minus zero

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, Víctor Bisonó (Ito) assured that the administration of former President Danilo Medina left the state coffers at minus zero upon his departure from power on August 16.

He maintained that the president Luis Abinader received the State completely bankrupt, to the point that to pay the payroll for the month of August had to turn a line of credit to the Reserve Bank.

He criticized that Danilo’s collaborators go out and tell the country that they left this government the possibility of continuing to borrow so that the public administration continues to operate.

Interviewed by Héctor Herrera Cabral in the D´AGENDA program, which is broadcast every Sunday by Telesistema Canal 11, the official said that the confidence generated by the Government of the change has begun to invigorate the economy.

He added that the stability of the exchange rate is the best example of the new climate of confidence generated by President AbinaderIt is recalled that prior to the elections the exchange rate was around 60 pesos to one dollar, in addition to the constant injections that the Central Bank had to make to the market.

“But in addition to that, a totally bankrupt State was found, with the coffers at zero, or minus zero, so much so that I see the response that the PLD members give and they say they left the country well because they enabled a line of credit with the Reserve Bank, with bonds to approve it and with almost ready loans, “he lamented.

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