“It’s a 250 euros fine!” (video)

The police announced the color a little over a week ago and it is now being felt on the ground: border controls at airports, train stations and on highways are being tightened. In particular at Brussels Airport where each passenger may be subject to a control to check if he has his PLF and if it is correctly completed.

These reinforced controls are a will of the authorities. “With the summer holidays, many destinations are once again red,” Steven De Beus, police commissioner, told RTL. It was therefore necessary to intensify the checks of the PLF. Therefore, the commissioner assures him, “100% of passengers are checked”. At least as much as possible.

And no more excuses now, the police will sanction. “Of course, if it’s a small family that has tried to do well but forgot to indicate the country of origin, we will be understanding. But those who mark that they are called Bart De Wever or Mickey Mouse, and who are obviously unwilling, or who have not completed the document at all, it is the fine of 250 euros ”, declares- he among our colleagues.


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