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Doctors in the Marseille region are sounding the alarm: 95 percent of all IC beds are already taken. The number of corona infections has risen sharply in and around the southern French city. And therefore also the number of patients who end up in hospital.

France is facing a major new corona outbreak. A dark record was set on Saturday, with 10,561 infections within 24 hours. There were never that many before. Professor Dominique Rossi, who heads the Medical Commission of the University Hospitals in Marseille, tells Reuters news agency: “We are working as in April again. Completely according to the scenario we used during the peak of the first corona wave. ”

The percentage of positive corona tests is above 10 percent in the southern French region, where 5.3 percent is average for France. According to the French government, a percentage of more than 5 percent means that the virus is not under control.

There are also many more infections in the Netherlands, but it remains calm on the ic’s, but that can be calm before the storm, as in the south of France. Belgian virologist Marc van Ranst warns against this on Twitter: “For those who think we can have many Covid cases without hospital admissions, because ‘the virus is weakened’: we don’t,” he writes. “We dissect more than 1,000 complete genomes in our laboratory. There are no mutations that indicate a weakening of the virus. ”

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