Its Name Is Just Elitious, The Conduct of Australian Special Forces Sent to Afghanistan Is Far From Its Name: Killing Civilians and Prisoners for Fun and Earning Honor

Sosok.ID – War Afghanistan not only involving the country’s soldiers.

Troops from overseas such as the United States along with coalition they are also sent to Afghanistan.

One of which is Australia, who joined the Coalition International Against Terrorism.

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The coalition is a group formed by the US and led by the US since the terrorist attacks in the US on September 11, 2001 ago.

The coalition’s job is to carry out military surveillance and send personnel to operations in Afghanistan.

The operation was called Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF-A).

Dispatches to Afghanistan are tasked with capturing Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

But recently, the Australian Department of Defense released a gruesome discovery of the arbitrary actions of Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

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