Ivana Gottová cut herself and caught it nicely: After the death of Štaidl, she allowed herself much …

After the death of the composer and lifelong friend Karel Gott, Ivana Gottová commented on social networks, which slightly upset many fans. In her written status, she mentioned that Gotta and Ladislav Štaidl had a quarter of a century of friendship, but that is not really true.

After the death of Ladislav Štaidl, not only fans but also family and close friends are sad. Karel Gott and Ivana Gottová were among the closest. The widow of the famous singer now remembered Štaidl via social networks.

“I express my deep sadness at the unexpected departure of Ladislav Štaidl. I express my sincere condolences to the surviving family, his children, especially Arthur, “Gottová wrote on Instagram.

“I’m very sorry that Lada left so suddenly. He and my late husband had a quarter of a century of friendship and cooperation. I believe that up there they will re-establish their last dialogue, “she added.

Ivana Gottová was not careful and angered the fans

Everything would be fine if Ivana didn’t cut herself a bit. Gotta was not only associated with Štaidl for a quarter of a century, but almost his whole life. “It’s been more than half a century,” one of the fans points out to the widow.

She must have infuriated many with this. Gott knew Staid for many years before he even met Gott. Next time, she should be careful to publish information that is true.

The documentary Karel will hopefully not see its premiere

Another striking thing is also the last sentence in the text. The last dialogue that Gott mentions took place in the documentary Karel, which was made by Olga Špátová about Gott’s life. It might seem that Gott wanted to discreetly promote the documentary, but did not choose the right opportunity. People barely recovered from his death.

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The unexpected death of Ladislav Štaidl shocked everyone. The legendary composer succumbed to coronavirus. Jiří, Jan, Karolína and, last but not least, Artur, who is currently a complete orphan, lost their father. Štaidl had Arthur with Iveta Bartošová, who jumped under the train in 2014.

Staidl collaborated with perhaps all the stars. Probably the best known is the collaboration with Karel Gott. He composed hits for him like Vault or I’ll sweeten my coffee. Dara Rolins also remembers him with love.


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